The Why


Instead of laying out a long description filled with detailed goals and organized plans for developing dedicated disciples of Christ or raving about having the amazing opportunity to reach 90 different countries top professionals studying abroad here at UD, let me simply share the testimony of Lin, a new Christian from an unnamed Asian country (for her protection), for the “Why” we need YOU as a daily prayer partner individually praying for God to open hearts (Col 4:3) and providing opportunities (Matt 9:37-38) for His laborers to share Christ’s love and Good News at the University of Delaware.

boarderNewChristian“I am an international PhD student at the University of Delaware and am thankful to God that I soon gained access to the Holy Spirit and God’s Word after arriving in the U.S. last year… I was working as a prosecutor in my home town and felt sad for those who were lured into doing something inappropriate, from thieves to CEOs, politicians to professors and wondered who was in charge of giving guidance and help, or strength to cope with problems.

[I concluded it was the societal government and law] but people still became delinquent.  I realized ultimately they are not a good master.  When I felt sorry or compassion for others my friends would just tell me to get over it and be satisfied with my good job.

During a fire drill at the University of Delaware I met Colleen who befriended me.  Later she invited me over to her home for dinner, and I saw an everlasting peace and confidence deep in her and her husbands hearts that was so warm, so affirmative, and so precious when they prayed before each meal.  I saw they were people living in this material world but under the guidance of a different master which made them never lose direction, never lose confidence and strength.  It was the same light I pined and thought about for so many years.

I went to a Bible study and learned about the true master, the true God. Over time I realized I finally found the light that I longed for, the spring water that will not make me continually thirsty to so many “why” questions and suffering from cluelessness. I finally came into the right door where my true master is. I am no longer wandering, knocking, door after door like a homeless child realizing the law and government can’t solve the evil in people’s hearts, or other religions with bad tempered idols planting bad seeds. I finally found the true God who keeps on giving and forgiving.

It is such a joyful life when you know the message, the gospel and realizes you are looking at everything in quite a different way. The joy is beyond expression in any language and now I want to invite everyone to share this life of joy with me, resoundingly claiming this to the world rather than whispering. I can now help make a different in the world focusing on an “all help all” attitude because our Father gave us strength to do so.” – Lin (Aug 2015)