Pray for UD is a part of the DCCMF and Blue Hens for Christ campus outreach at the University of Delaware.  We strongly believe in the power of prayer and the life changing impact it has on softening hearts for Christ.  But we could not effectively do God’s work without funding to properly equip and train our students, volunteers, and interns to effectively transform the lives of both the American and International students they come in contact with on a weekly basis.

Please consider being one of our $7 a month partners in changing the world for Christ starting at UD.

Pray for UD / Winterfest $7 Partners

or at

All funds donated go to DCCMF (Delaware Christian Campus Ministry Foundation) an amazing group of unpaid board members who effectively administer the funds to have an impact for Christ on the campus of UD.

A few things these funds can be used for:

  • Conversational English Using the Bible materials.
  • Coffee in a non threatening public location for a skeptic or struggling Christian so we can build a relationship and form a faith study.
  • Training for effectively equipping existing Christians to reach out on campus.
  • Life changing missions efforts.
  • Possible Interns who’s whole focus is on building relationships and forming faith studies.
  • Bibles for students.