Commit to Pray


Take a vital role in changing/reaching the world for Christ by becoming a weekly or daily prayer partner for God’s work on the fertile mission field of the University of Delaware. Our focus at PrayforUD is to gain 23,028 prayer partners to be praying on specific focuses each week, one for each student and academic faculty on campus. In this one field ripe for harvest there are over 90 countries’ top professionals/students on campus, and many American students naturally desiring to find the truth and do something with their lives to make a different in the world.


Commitment of a UD Prayer Partner:
1. Pray for the sharing of the Good News with compassion and love.
2. Pray specifically for your individual student. Be specific (open heart, opportunities, relationships, etc…).
3. Pray for the Laborers of Christ.
4. Pray for emailed focuses each week/month.

Become a Prayer Partner